List of things I’d love to do before while I turn am 25

  1. Visit the Islands of Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic Visit at least one Island with my husband for a weekend with no computers and no television and NO work.
  2. Enroll and complete graduate school for a masters in clinical psychology or psychometrics
  3. Keep up this blog
  4. Get a water baptism
  5. Visit at least 5 of my country’s natural wonders
  6. Start on my children’s book!!!!
  7. Get braces (if I don’t this by the age of  25 I’ll never get it done!) Get life insurance for my family and I.
  8. Reach my target weight of 65kgs Stay healthy, fit and within my BMI
  9. Be a model for a day
  10. Go to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa WATCH most of the 2010 world cup games with my husband… and occasionally with whomever he wants to watch them with.
  11. Drive an SL55 AMG Mercedes Benz at top speed
  12. Own a genuine art piece