On the 22nd of January, at around 8pm along Yusuf Lule Road, just before the signpost that says ‘Yusuf Lule Rd’ I got robbed. Amidst bumper-to-bumper traffic, I was seated in the driver’s seat. My cousin was in the passenger’s seat. We were coming from her place in Kololo heading to Garden City when the left back door opened suddenly and closed just as suddenly. I thought I had locked the doors as I always do so I was in shock at first but in a few seconds, my senses came back. I remember screaming as soon as the door opened because I thought we were going to be kidnapped and forced to drive to a far away place and be left for dead. That didn’t happen but instead, my purse, which was on the floor of the back seat near the left back door had been snatched, and the thief was getting away fast.

I quickly put the car in Park, pulled the handbrake and took off my shoes in preparation to chase the man down. I had only ran passed two or three cars behind ours when I realized he was too far-gone and I’d need something faster to catch him. It was then that I stopped a few boda boda men so that they could help me chase the thief and catch him. None of them were willing to turn back. Their reason was that there was no way they or I would make it down the valley without being killed. Apparently the thieves grab their bait, ran down the Golf course valley and if they are pursued, they are well armed with knives to defend themselves.

When I realized that no one was going to help us, I got back into the car and tried to calm down because I was so upset. I wasn’t immediately sad for the loss of the money and belongings but I was shaken that something of that manner could happen. My cousin and I did a double check of what had been left in the car and surprisingly; my laptop, which was on the back seat in plain view, was still there.  Then I started to feel thankful that we weren’t hurt. I then called my brother and informed him what had happened. He was at Garden City waiting for us. He was upset as well but couldn’t think of a way to recover my bag and its contents.  As traffic moved on, everyone around us went back to normal (not that they were amused one bit with what had just happened since they all watched on as if it were a movie) we moved forward. It was then that I tried to run a mental inventory of what was inside the bag. There was a bit of money, about two hundred thousand, my wallet with photos of family, my driver’s license, my personal and business cheque books, a few business cards, my make-up bag and some paper work I needed to tend to on Monday (Electric bill and recently paid car service note).

We turned into the Garden City entrance  when my brother called again to check that none of the cheque leaves were signed. I remembered that none of my personal cheques were but the business chequebook had our lawyer’s signature but needed mine in order to have a transaction take place. He then cleverly pointed out that they might try to use that to withdraw some money and then we will have our thief. I was excited at the prospect of meeting the man that was so bold and pulled off something that I had never thought of.  I called a friend at my bank immediately after and asked him to block my accounts until I reported to them on Monday and also to look out for anyone that tries to withdraw money during this time.

We were at Garden city now having dinner and I started worrying that my passport might have been in my purse. I didn’t allow the saddening thoughts to stay in my head but I instead relied on the fact that nothing the thief took were going to better his life in the long term. I called mama and told her and she advised me to call a relative working with Police to ask him to send a patrol group out into the valley to search for any paraphernalia that could have dropped of the bag as he ran off. I did that and went on to enjoy my night. I returned home safely by 11.05pm. On my way home, I wondered how he knew that the purse was on the floor when it was dark enough not to see. I then wondered if he had followed us and knew where it had been placed before hand. I got home and immediately checked for my passport, which was in the cabinet I always keep it. I thanked God for the passport being there and for none of us being hurt. I also prayed that the desperation didn’t bring us to a sinful cycle that won’t end. As I write this, I am back to normal only appreciating life more, loving God more and being more grateful.