Lately I’ve been having a lot of saddening experiences. Every time I think of our nation and our people, it makes me sad. I am not angry, and I am not necessarily losing hope either but there’s a melancholic feeling that engulfs me when I think of where we might be headed if we keep up this way. Before I graduated college, I was very optimistic and was quite sure that there was something I could do in my own little way to make things better.

But slowly over time I have become dead to all the corruption, the intended evilness, the ill intentions. The silent traps set for otherwise good people that lead them to do bad things. In a word, I was fed up. Now I feel helpless. I feel as though nothing I can do or say would change anything and that for me is a very bad place to be.

I think my feeling this way is a result of many other personal occurrences but I am praying myself out of this one. I am really hoping to do a lot of things this year, and that’s not just new year talk… I intend to live this life and live it for the love of God and the love of people. The latter will be a bit hard for certain specific individuals but I know that I know that nothing is impossible. It’s all in His court.

Have  you shown any love lately??