Now that I am semi assured that there is joy and life ahead, I may start blogging as I so promised myself LAST YEAR. How bad are all these resolution thingies? I won’t even go into how I ended up neglecting this space for more than six months but suffice it to say that forgetting my password didn’t help at all.

Yes, I am engaged! It was all very exciting I even cried. I didn’t think it’d happen to me… not the engagement part but the crying one… And it seems that that very incident opened up a very emotional me so now I cry when I feel like it and burst out laughing at the tiniest show of humor. I think I’ll remember that moment for a very long time.

Of course every up side comes with a down side… here it was that I never did get to tell ALL the people I wanted to tell myself. It was like a wild fire had just spread and wasn’t even being counter attacked so there was no putting out, only rampant spreading… yes, such was my fury that I would relate gossip to an ignored wild bush fire.So yeah, turns out there were some people that ended up being mad because I didn’t tell them about the proposal a whole four hours after… and then there were the ones that called me the next day to TELL me that I was engaged. In a little fit of complete madness I decided I would send everyone that I considered a friend a facebook message and guess what… Yeah you guessed it … that only fueled the fire!

I shan’t dwell on all that though. I can happily AND proudly say that all the necessary parties are well aware of my future plans and have ALL given their blessing so now I can attempt to enjoy being engaged… NOT! Well it took all my given enjoyment period as a bride to be to inform said parties so now I have come rushing smack dab into planning.

Despite the fact that our wedding is quite a few months away, I cannot for the life of me just sit back and let other people help me. I am actually taking away some of the duties of service providers just so that I know that if I provided that service, nothing would go wrong… Oh well, we’ll see where all this planning will get us… hopefully to a very very happy start to the rest of our lives together!