It is burning hot in this country. Wait, I should rephrase that, Kampala is incredibly hot! My usual car (the one that is now in my names, is in the garage) is a safe haven… but it’s gone from me for a while. While I am eternally grateful to my aunt for lending me hers in the meantime, I cannot get over the hot air that blows out of the air conditioning vents every time I try to turn it on.

I am now forced to leave the windows down and hope that a breeze comes through (rarely), all the while looking at my purse in the passengers’ seat floor anxiously. I have heard those stories where one guy comes over to the drivers side and starts up some almost meaningful conversation while another guy grabs whatever he can find through the passenger’s window.

All that concentration gets in the way of my usual enjoyment of driving. I love to drive. Most of the time I love to do it alone, in a sound, steady, car with great speakers so that I can turn the music all the way up if a song i like comes on.  None of this is happening at the moment. But I still love my auntie for being so generous. And i won’t wish the weather to be gloomy all the time either so I stay blessed in my contentment.

In the spirit of inspiring myself for a great birthday present for my lover, I decided to try out a new ‘mini- spa’. You know, those little tiny places that have calm and quiet and are trying really hard to offer the best services possible but on a not so huge budget? The ones that are quite far from anything spa-like (and by Uganda’s standards that would be Serena).

Anyway, this little spot is at garden city and is quite impressive once you allow yourself to stop thinking about the noise outside, the casino next door and all that…. Yes, I am strange in that way because even when all I could hear was soft jazz playing through the speakers, all i could think about was what an awful location! Perhaps somewhere near water? Too much to ask? Oh well…

So I decided to get a full leg wax ( i was starting to look like a man!) and a back massage. The whole idea was great and the experience would have been wonderful if the lady, Marion had been more gentle! She ripped the wax strips off me with such force that i felt like my skin was going to come off with the strip! When it was time for my back massage, she asked me what pressure I’d prefer and I said moderately hard… and don’t you know this lady darn near gave me bruises on my back?? I can still feel the aches, those ones that come with being ‘man-handled’. The most annoying part of this whole escapade came this morning when I was lotioning up and found that she had missed a patch of hair on my left leg… a long thin strip leading up to my thigh! Now i am debating on going back to the same place and asking for it to be removed for free or waiting for my next wax appointment at my regular place to get it all done properly.

These are the things we go through to find new and exciting things… sometimes it’s great to risk and be adventurous but other times, some things are better unchanged. I am thinking of a hot stone massage right now but I shall probably end up leaving work early to go clean the house from wall to wall, floor to floor.. yes I am in that kind of mood and besides, it’s cooler on my side of the city… we’re by the water 🙂

Before I do that though, I must mention that I did not come up with anything to send my lover. I settled for the fact that it was ok that his present would get to him late. I did however start a list of a number of reasons why I love him (the number corresponding with his age this year)… We’ll see how he likes that.

Off to write a list of things to do tomorrow now so I can head on out of work soon!