Just when I was getting round to coming up with a somewhat decent review of the Lanterns poetry reading that took place all of three weeks ago, something else happened that made me rethink even posting my thoughts and suggestions.

 See, I strolled over to Carlo’s which is not unusual as hers is the first blog I read, only to find a tirade of annoyance. She was ranting about an article that I am guessing ran in the weekend Monitor. It was about blogging. I must note here that I am ashamed of my knowledge of the circulating media. I didn’t even know a thing about this Amama scandal until reading Carlo’s or even that the Kyabazinga had cancer and was now dead (May his soul rest in eternal peace).

Now I know from my past that there are always eager fingers ready to type out rants and upturned sleeves always ready to jump on the slightest hint of insult. There are even those bloggers that purposefully instigate a quarrel and or misunderstanding for reasons only known to themselves. I have come to suspect that many of these squabbles are merely meant to ‘heat things up’ in the blog sphere and create some hype around a particular subject.

If I am not wrong, the same journalist wrote about blogging in the same daily about a year or so ago and in that article, although also full of journalism 101 no-no’s, he praised the uniqueness of several blogs irrespective of their content. How is it now that the same person that ought to treasure freedom of expression so much is the same one completely domineering over what should be on the agenda for Ugandan bloggers? All other facts notwithstanding, I am saddened by the fact that twice in his career; the same journalist has chosen to ignore core rules of his trade just for some space in a national daily. It would be difficult for me to believe that the journalist in question here wrote this article not knowing the emotions he would evoke in his interviewees.

Of course the odd apology may come later but can someone in such a position afford to blatantly mislead a population to such an extent? Yes, it’s only blogging but how many more uninformed or deliberately biased stories do we read in our media today? So many that in fact I have developed an unknowing aversion to anything news like.

The whole scene is rather annoying I must admit and it’d take a person of great character to turn their back and go on without a word exchanged. This brings me to the blogging phenomenon. I always thought it was a cleverly developed space to store one’s several moods, thoughts, desires, beliefs, or even dislikes. Like an online open or not so open journal, sometimes anonymous, other times not so mysterious, sometimes serious, other times goofy. It is the right of the blogger to utilize his space as he so desires. All other readers may take what they will. Kinda like music and lyrics, or poetry, or anything else that’s read.

 One’s understanding and perception will always vary from the next. So why or rather, how was it possible for space that could have been used to inform Uganda’s news reading population of the plight of orphaned kids in a slum somewhere used instead for bashing a culture based on owning one’s space and conveying whatever they wish? The difference here is that a newspaper has an obligation to inform (CORRECTLY) while a blog is fully directed by its owner and may very well be biased in that blogger’s favor. My two cents are these, we ought to carefully think about the words that come out of us for they are powerful whether we will them to be or not. And if we’ve chosen the path of informing the masses, let’s make it clear which of those words are our personal thoughts, and which of them are actual facts. The truth is never hard to dig up and if it is not dug up then it surfaces by itself in the most amusing of ways. 

In unrelated news, today is my lover’s birthday. And he is so far away but I thought of him all day… and possibilities of clever ‘long distance’ gifts… any ideas??