There’s a song that goes something like that and it just popped into my head. Not that i am in some kind of deathly traumatizing moment of my life but it seemed evident now more than before that i will be okay.

It’s just that sometimes there are slumps and humps in the road but that doesn’t mean that there’ll be no beautiful sunday evening barbecues that will forever leave me feeling useful because i slave all day sunday to make a feast for some very special people.

It doesn’t mean that there won’t be moments where i attempt to cut my daughter’s hair only to cut too low and leave her with a patch of baldness. Of course she didn’t mind this so much but I felt bad and promptly treated her to a day out on the town and a special professional haircut (special because it came with singing and promising of biscuits as soon as we were done)

Yes, life is good. Like LG… I almost think I’m getting to a Bamboocha point in life and that’ll just be the best! Because while LG is just good… With Bamboocha, there’s possibilities of so much more simply because I still don’t know what that word means… so i’ll make one up everyday! 🙂

Bless and be Blessed!