I hate being sick. That’s a dumb statement to utter. No one could possibly like being sick… at least no one I know enjoys the discomfort of an enlarged tonsil to the size of a golf ball. Or the dizzy spells that decide to come upon one when they’re in traffic and there’s a million things going on around them. That dizziness that makes you think your car is rolling backwards or forward when in actual sense the possibility that you even moved an inch can only be explained by those atom thingies that vibrate every nano second… hence meaning you were never actually in motion.


And from O magazine of December last year I found these interesting tid bits


Sarah Jessica Parker is quite pretty despite what most other people have said about her awkwardly strong facial structure. I especially like her teeth. I got a chance to look at her closely when I finally watched Sex and the City the movie two nights ago. That movie however just made me mad. Either I wasn’t in the right mood to watch it or the surroundings in which I first viewed it were not encouraging to my liking of it. It took me two nights, a lot of fatigue, and no better choices  to finish the movie. And to think I was ready to line up with all the frenzied Carrie wanna-bes in America to watch the first screening! I am so glad I waited but I am not at all happy that I spent my 7000UGX on a pirated copy that I am now stuck with as part of my DVD collection.

I was reminded painfully that I lost my ipod a few months ago and I badly want another one but this time with the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin docking station… sadly for me, it goes for $600  at the apple store so now it’s a choice between the speakers and an added fee for another ipod or two iphones 3G one of which I promised a friend.

Good Guy of the Month

The United Nations has called it one of the worst humanitarian crses on the planet: For more than a decade, thousands of children in Northern Uganda have been kidnapped by a violent rebel group forced to join its army and kill or be killed. The Name Campaign, founded by Cori Stern, a former television producer, raises awareness of their plight. Proceeds from the purchase of nameplate necklaces –each imprinted with the name of a lost child and plated in 18kt gold or platinum by jeweler Melinda Maria go to advocate and educational programs for the rescued. The original, stripped-down metal version is available for $10 (namecampaign.org)

First of all, Melinda Maria? What a name!!

Secondly, of all the initiatives I have heard, read, or seen, why do I not see significant change in Northern Uganda? Yes it’s much more peaceful now but why hasn’t the war stopped? Money hasn’t solved all these problems and still more frustrating, people all over the ‘developed’ world walk around with a name branded on their bodies and yet thousands live in complete despair not knowing how the day shall end for them.

All the stuff up there was written last night when I was too tired to think, when I had no book to read, and when I was sick but semi happy.

Today I am sad.

I didn’t intend to be (like anyone ever does!) but the day just ended in a disappointed deflation just with one piece of news.

I have learnt from past experiences that it’s no wise to divulge all but I sure do wish someone somewhere could explain to me what on earth I should believe! Or rather what is true…?

I will people to be good. Inherently. I pray it’s the case for this mini nightmare/ panic inducing/ potentially severe depression riding thought train.

Guess that other stuff about poetry and lantern meets and smiles shall be for another night…

And! My FB status this week reads “I shall NOT be depressed this week” Irony?

Oh! the day’s irking moments aren’t over yet. Just as I was getting ready to comment on her blog, the hoard of tea-taking prayer ladies next to me yanked out the plug and left my hopeless sony vaio blank screened because the battery sucked before I even bought the machine and is now in a definite slump until I detach and throw it away. I am not mad at them (the ladies) though because I tried. I failed. They were genuinely sorry and could in no way know of my confusion so why bother being mad?

Hey, there’s a sunny side J Yay for me! I guess this is where things start getting worse?? It’s alright though, I’ll just go over to johnlewisgiftlist.com and obsess over things I can’t afford right now.