So I am fogging up my reading glasses again. It just makes me smile to see the world in a haze. Does that make me slightly crazy?

Today i struggled to wake up, like most other days. I don’t think I was actually ever a morning person. I like to work late into the night but never in the mornings unless the sun comes up at 6am and is nice and bright by 9am. Then I can work something out.

Yesterday i felt a little bit grown up because a few of us got together, none of them on time, i’m starting to tire of arriving for meetings/functions on time only to find no one there, but i digress,we were meeting to organize a surprise engagement party and we drank some wine as we made plans and diverted off onto random subjects of conversation after which we all decided on a hurried surprise party (tomorrow) because the bride and groom to be are too busy.

I don’t know why being grown up in my head always meant drinking red wine in real wine glasses, chatting to friends and ending your night by watching a series that you really enjoy; in my case, Boston Legal.Had it been the perfect grown up night, I’d have been in my own meticulously organized apartment with sweet scented candles lit and a nice cup of hot chocolate to go with my tv time before bed.

Instead I dealt with dancing for half an hour to make sure Jessica was tired enough to sleep (because she was wide eyed when I got home at 10pm) I say this as if i didn’t have the time of my life or as if i could have been doing something else but that little girl is my smile every single day. I don’t know what i would do without her.

Anyway, I am excited about this particular wedding because I am trying out my hand at being a wedding planner. So far everything’s going quite well because the bride isn’t too fussy and she is patient and not panicky. If she were panicky then we’d both have a problem.

I have managed to find some interesting dresses online and we are going to look them over  and i pray that by next week, we have something to go by so that we can finally place the orders for the dresses (hers and her wedding party).

Tonight I am having dinner with a hilarious friend of mine. Every time he calls me, I burst out laughing because he does this american accent thing but in the wrongest way possible and that always has me cracking up.

At the moment, i am quite grateful for all that I’ve got. Forget those few little thoughts that pop into my head every now and then like ;

why can’t that stalker leave me alone and get the point? he is a good person i am sure but his cheerfulness is bordering on corny and he sounds like an animated character even in his texts so one can only imagine the sound of his voice. i have decided to ignore him completely because the whole scenario freaks me out.


why i keep thinking about how possible it is that my relationship will not work out and that i would be devastated completely. every time i think of it i see me in a sorry heap on the floor bawling my eyes out… but i tell myself i’m being crazy so i think happy things


that wonderful friend of mine that i hadn’t heard from in ages that called from Qatar and made my skies blue although it was pouring outside. and how he made me hate and miss paris at the same time. and how can i be ungrateful when i have people like him in my life and my green sweater matches my green gucci purse so perfectly it makes me smile every time i pass by a mirror 🙂

I am debating going to the shaggy concert seriously but I might end up elsewhere since i just heard that it won’t really be a full out concert but an appearance so to speak… oh well, the weekend is young, let me first get through tomorrow’s engagement party. i have potato salad to make. i am about to cheat and google a really yummy home-made mayo dressing recipe  so that they (my potatoes) can be all the rave at the party! 😉