Have you ever tried fogging up your reading glasses with say the steam from your hot cup of tea or coffee?

I just did and it is an interesting outlook… yes, I am bored at work despite the piles of things to get done that won’t be done because they’re awaiting approval. I sometimes wish I could pull all the strings but I am just not ready for that yet, i can understand that.

Last night I had the smart idea of trying to fix my Sony Cybershot 10.something mega pixel camera because I thought the shutter was stuck so it wouldn’t be a huge deal to unscrew the little thingies and play Sony engineer and what not. It went well for the first few minutes but after tiny little hidden pieces started falling out, i knew there’d be no going back. It was such a ridiculous sight that I began to laugh at myself. It felt good.

After that episode, I remembered about five different things that made me laugh really hard at myself and i have decided that that is the single most therapeutic way to get over things. So here goes the list of things I don’t mind not having anymore and things that i am glad i can laugh at now;

  • The wonderful Sony Cybershot touch screen that cost me so much I could have eaten out everyday for a month in Paris 🙂
  • My N73 that fell out of my backpocket straight into the toilet and hasn’t been the same since (I hadn’t yet relieved myself so i figured I’d rescue it.. if you’re not laughing who cares! I am!)
  • The ex boyfriend that I thought i’d probably marry but is now getting married
  • The expression on my face when he mentioned casually that he was getting married and the amount of time i spent thinking about it (it all seems severely funny to me now)
  • The amount of time i spent obsessing about whether my best really loves me, if the distance would change things, that when he was silent he’d probably be with someone else (now that was just straight crazy!)
  • All my little cashmere sweaters that went to the laundry cute and peppy but came back almost shredded
  • That one sony discman i prayed for day and night and when i finally got it, cds were out of style and my visiting friend packed and left with it

For all those that have failing gadgets somewhere around the house, this is my advice; STAY AWAY FROM THEM! No you are not smart enough to fix them by yourself. Those things are the devil! Looking smooth and simple on the outside but really have enough screws and miniscule little parts to fill up Lake Victoria on the inside. And if you must do Sony, then get a guarantee that lasts at least 3 years because i know that in those years, your gadget will fail you a minimum of three times.

I am sneezing insanely now and I am not particularly loving this weather either. Thought I had a lot to write but I guess not.

I’m O.U.T!