I had a good night last night. The concert wasn’t as great as the UB40 one a couple of months ago but that Dj Benny D really knows how to get a crowd moving (well, me being the crowd in this case because I couldn’t care less what everyone else was doing).

Here are the few things that bothered me;

1. the fact that not everyone with vip parking stickers could find a parking in the sectioned off area

2. the guard that insisted that it was illegal for me to park at the shoprite end and not be shopping (i was unaware you had to explain where you were going when you parked your car in a lot shared by over twenty stores). Even more annoying was when he asked me to PAY for the parking. Anyone that knows me knows that i hate hate hate bribery and corruption. So i asked for his name and intend to report him to his superiors come monday. Little does he know that i wasn’t in fact ‘trying to scare him’ into letting me park there because i moved my car in the end. I just don’t like phony two faced bribe taking self-righteous wanna bes.

3. organization for the concert in general was slacking but who cares when instead of having drinks tents all around, there are men and women carrying cardboard boxes with all the drinks that they can carry walking around joyously requesting you to take your pick.

4. the MCs talked too much and no one really cared!

5. sound, lighting, visuals… zain really could have done better for a launch of their new brand/company. I hear they have lots of money so that wouldn’t have been a problem… maybe it’s our poor country that didn’t command that much attention… who knows

The things that I did appreciate are:

  • the company i shared
  • the laughs from my concert buddies
  • camera phone photos
  • the two tall glasses of special drink that came from the vip tents although i wasn’t one of those… thanks buddy!
  • Dj Benny D!! i repeat, Dj Benny D!! Can we get him to do like a rave type show to last an entire weekend? Just him, the crowd and the music? I would so go to that. Is anyone cool enough to arrange that?
  • the long drive home being on the phone with him and talking everything through. understanding that he knew what was going on all along but didn’t know how to be there for me and smiling at how he was there for me in ways he didn’t even know. being able to tell him nonsense and crying to him for no reason while he patiently sat and listened to my sobbing madness
  • knowing that he loves me , really really…
  • waking up this morning and feeling refreshed and new – result of last night/ this morning’s tear fest
  • talking to him again and vaguely feeling a light flutter in my chest because we were back to normal… i was back to being me 🙂

thank you my best because comforting me is not the easiest thing to do. And loving me is not the simplest of tasks. understanding my irrational mood swings is the slow torturous death of my family but you smile and say they’re cute. i hope they’ll be cute 20, 50 years down the line. thank you because you made a million things alright just by being still for me when i couldn’t do it myself.