I woke up this morning thinking it’d be like yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. I came to work relatively early, I felt nice in the clothes I was wearing, I got some work done before two friends came by. We had lunch and i laughed so hard at one of my friend’s jokes. Apparently he rode a boda boda for 30kms trying to catch a bus to Rwanda that he’d missed at 2AM! He is not one to have lunch with, one might just choke on their own laughs.

I went back to work, got more things done and then left the office, went and got my hair and nails done and then went to a jewellery launch cocktail. It was something that i’d never been to before, not here at home or any of the places i’ve visited and or lived. The idea was a good one and the jewellery was unique and beautiful. It is based in paris and their website showcases some of their pieces. Anyway, I was there with a fun friend of mine and it looked good so we enjoyed it. Some of Uganda’s ex-top models came round to show off the jewellery and one of them was so into it she looked like she was about to snap her metal pin self into half. I guess that’s what they call catwalking round here.

Because it was a cocktail, free drinks were flowing easily, even the crowd (the event was invite only and don’t ask how I got invited of all pple, that’s an entire blog on its own) over indulged. Those who understood what a cocktail truly signifies grabbed a drink, viewed the jewellery, asked some questions and maybe purchased one or two items and left. Those were the smart ones.

Now here we have the not so smart ones that came for the jewelery but somehow got lost in the rotating drink trays, their high heels beginning to bend outwards because they were fixed in one spot for more than two hours. Some jewelery was seen but not really appreciated. I don’t know what happened to those in that category because I left but I was told that there was an after party (cocktails have after parties?? ) at rouge. Of course the whole air conditioning issue always has me debating on whether or not I really want to get my jiggy on that much at that particular time and last night it was a definite no.

I instead opted for a nice drink (lemon tea with honey) with two of my relatives (as I came to learn just last night) and the friend that had invited me. They were obviously not drinking lemon tea so it made for a more entertaining 45 minutes for me. We talked about so much and the laughs were good. I learnt a bit about my culture so nothing lost, plenty gained.

My eyes began to turn a little red from the tiredness so I left and made it home in record time. It must have taken me ten minutes to get from kampala to munyonyo. Yes, i flew, with Alicia Keys ‘tell you something’ blasting as my soundtrack.

I found that my sweet Jessi caught the flu but I couldn’t stop myself from hugging her and babying her when she cried herself awake. She’s doing better today because she managed to be the reason why I didn’t leave as early as I usually do and in turn, my whole day was delayed.

Mama traveled, Jessi is sick, there are too many people in our house. It feels like there’s almost no space to breathe. But I say all this because I am 1) pms-ing 2) i am a loner 3) i get panic attacks when there is either too much noise or when someone just goes on and on about something that doesn’t particularly cocern me but when said with such great importance leads me to breathe heavier and get congested all around my chest area.

The distance issue is running its toll on me and although i am trying really hard to be strong, i am one of those spirits that roam the earth wandering in a perpetually dreamy mode. I don’t know how to handle the questions in my head or the irritability that comes with not getting a text or a call, or when those do come through, the frustration of not being understood. I have tried to keep busy but its hard to not stop and dream. Maybe the time we spent together wasn’t spent doing the important things that would help us now (or rather me because he sounds alright). I shouldn’t have taken it for granted… but hey, now i know what i’ll do when we next see each other.

All this to say, my days seem to be getting crappier because it is nearly that time of the month and i am love sick.