On Saturday night I was with someone that made me want to write again. He is one of those exciting people that you get drawn to without really knowing why.

Growing up sucks only at the beginning when you haven’t figured out what really matters to you and after that, it’s great!

My facebook status reads that I am being led by love but in the span of one day, i grew so impatient with everyone and yet I felt deeply in love with my sugar 🙂 perhaps the love can extend outwards so that I am more patient with others?

I saw a shooting star on my way home. It looked like a rocket taking off but leaving a green and yellow light  trail. It was truly beautiful. I don’t believe in the wish on a shooting star thing but I did say a prayer. I know it will come to pass.

As much as I want to complain, Life is good like LG (can’t say that phrase without thinking of LG 🙂 So I guess I shall revel in the bliss that is my life.

Thank you Lord!