I love home… I always have. Home being the country I’ve lived in for the longest and the one that my parents’ parents call home. I feel like a traitor writing this but I must. I always wanted to come back home and live and work here after I graduated.

It turns out I am not liking it so much. I thought it would be something I would enjoy doing but boy is there work to do. Every other occurence almost seems like a reason to be upset. People don’t do things the same way or in the manner that one would expect them.

Take for example, our BEST example, customer care/public service in this nation. Whether you are in a restaurant, at a store doing something so simple like groceries, or calling a customer care call centre, there is going to be something said or done or for that matter not done that will itch your last calm nerve.

Two weeks ago I called the customer care centre for one of the telecom companies and this lady asked me all the necessary questions and then said my airtime would be loaded shortly since I was having issues with doing it on my own. I was more than delighted that she was so much help because I desperately wanted to talk to my boyfriend that night. I then went on to ask in the most grateful voice the time frame I should wait before I called. Shock and awe on me, her answer was TOMORROW EVENING! WHAT??? If the serial number is correct and all those numbers I read to you are entering your computer system why would it take 24 hours to load my minutes??? I was frustrated and decided I wanted to make a complaint in the same call.

I do not know what led me to believe that the call would actually be monitored or that my notes of complaint would be noted down but I went ahead and expressed my discontent. The lady listened or put her headset down until I was done and when I was finished, SHE LAUGHED!!!!! Can you understand how mad I was? I didn’t know what else to do so I hung up. I am still mad at said telecom company but two days ago I called to inquire about that same airtime that was never loaded and a certain Joy at customer care was so polite I couldn’t help but give her an extra thank you after the whole transaction was through in about five minutes. She even called me back to let me know that it had indeed been loaded on my phone and I could make my calls.

I guess it’s life. Some days are better than others but I am not loving home so much lately. I want order, respect, and professionality… and oh my goodness do I miss my space!!